Welcome to my archive of official Liberal Democrat policy papers, a sister archive to the Liberal Democrat general election manifestos archive.

A very important health warning applies to the contents of these policy papers. They are the policy papers proposed to Liberal Democrat conferences. The motions to conference endorsing the policy papers may have been amended, referred back or even defeated. The contents of policy papers may also have subsequently been changed by further policy papers, motions or other decisions by the Liberal Democrat policy-making process. This list also does not include papers containing policy which have, for example, gone to Scottish or Welsh Lib Dem conferences.

That said, people often express a wish for an archive of policy papers as a guide to Liberal Democrat policies, so here is one for those times when these caveats do not remove its value.

If you have copies of any other documents which are worth adding and are not yet listed below, please do get in touch. Thank you in particular to Richard Grayson, Christian Moon and Simon Oliver for sharing with me files included below.

For more on the party’s beliefs and policies, see What do the Liberal Democrats believe?

Lib Dem Policy Paper Archive

157. Liberal Values in a Dangerous World

156. Tackling the Nature Crisis

155. Tackling the Housing Crisis

154. Food and Farming

153. For a Fair Deal – pre-manifesto paper

152. A Better Start in Life

151. A More Caring Society

150. Towards A Fairer Society

149. For a Fair Deal – pre-manifesto paper (for the cancelled Autumn 2022 conference)

148. A More Caring Society (for the cancelled Autumn 2022 conference)

147. The Natural Environment (for the cancelled Autumn 2022 conference)

146. Towards a Fairer Society (for the cancelled Autumn 2022 conference)

145. Democracy and Public Debate

144. Rebuilding Trade and Cooperation with Europe

143. A Fairer, Greener, More Caring Society

142. What Liberal Democrats Believe

141. Democracy and Public Debate

140. Giving Consumers a Fairer Deal

139. Tackling the Climate Emergency

139A. Tackling the Climate Emergency: Proposals for Carbon Pricing

138. United Against Crime

137. Save the NHS and Social Care by Stopping Brexit

136. A Fairer Share for All

135. Eradicating Race Inequality

134. Demand Better – Liberal Democrat Priorities for a Better Britain

133. Good Jobs, Better Businesses, Stronger Communities – Proposals for a new economy that really works for everyone

132. Britain at the Heart of a Changing World

131. A Fair Deal for Everyone – Prosperity and Dignity in Migration

130. Power for People and Communities

129. A Rural Future: Time to Act

128. Every Child Empowered: Education for a changing world

127. Towards a World Free of Nuclear Weapons

126. A Rational Approach to Harm Reduction

125. The Opportunity to Succeed, The Power to Change – Agenda 2020

124. Mending the Safety Net – Working-Age Social Security

123. Safe and Free – Liberty and Security in the UK

122. Age Ready Britain – Realising the Potential of an Ageing Society: Ageing Society Policy Paper

121. A Stronger Economy and a Fairer Society, Enabling Every Person to Get On in Life (pre-manifesto paper for the 2015 general election)

120. Expanding Opportunity, Unlocking Potential: Equalities Policy Paper

119. Protecting Public Services and Making Them Work For You: Public Services Policy Paper

118. Doing What Works to Cut Crime: Crime and Criminal Justice Policy Paper

117. Power to the People: Policies for Political and Constitutional Reform

116. Making Migration Work for Britain: for a Stronger Economy and a Fairer Society123. Safe and Free – Liberty and Security in the UK

[There was no policy paper no.115. There is no exciting conspiracy story behind this.]

114. A Stronger Economy in a Fairer Society, Enabling Every Person to Get On in Life (pre-pre-manifesto paper for the 2015 general election; the pre-manifesto was policy paper no.121.)

113. Prosperous Sustainable and Secure: Renewing the European Union for the 21st Century

112. Defending the Future: UK Defence in the 21st Century

111. Fairer Taxes: Policies for the Reform of Taxation

110. Learning for Life: Education and Skills from Upper Secondary to Lifelong Learning

109. Green Growth and Green Jobs: Transition to a Zero Carbon Britain

108. A Balanced Working: Life Policies for Low and Middle Income Households

107. Tackling Inequality at its Roots: Policies on Inequality

106. Mutuals, Employee Ownership and Workplace Democracy

105. Sustainable Prosperity and Jobs

104. Decent Homes for All: Policy on Housing

103. Giving Young People a Future: Policies on Combating Youth Unemployment

102. A New Purpose for Politics: Quality of Life

101. Preparing the Ground: Stimulating Growth in the Digital Economy Policies for Information Technology

100. Facing the Future Policy Development Agenda

99. Taking Responsibility: Policies on Youth Justice

98. Community Futures: Policies on the Voluntary Sector and Volunteering

97. Accountability to the Poor – Policies on International Development

96. Free to be Young

95. Are We Being Served? Policies on Accessing Goods and Services

94. A Fresh Start for Britain: Choosing a Different, Better Future (pre-manifesto paper for the 2010 general election)

93. Our Natural Heritage: Policies on the Natural Environment

92. Thriving in a Globalised World – A Strategy for Britain: Domestic Responses to Globalisation

91. Real Women

90. Investing in Talent, Building the Economy: Policies for Adult and Further Education

89. Equity and Excellence: Policies for 5-19 Education in England’s Schools and Colleges

88. The Best Start for Children, the Best Deal for Families: Proposals for Parental Leave and Universal Childcare for Under 5s

Make It Happen (note – although described as a policy paper and agreed by the Federal Policy Committee, this paper does not form part of the usual numbered sequence)

87. Shaping our World Through a Strong Europe: Reforming the EU’s Policies

86. Security and Liberty in a Globalised World

85. Fast Track Britain: Building a Transport System for the 21st Century

84. Empowerment, Fairness and Quality in Health Care

83. For the People, By the People

82. Zero Carbon Britain – Taking a Global Lead

81. Reducing the Burden (tax policy)

80. Freedom from Poverty, Opportunity for All

79. The Power to be Different

78. Together We Can Cut Crime

77. Green and Prosperous Communities: Local Regeneration for the 21st Century

76. Trust in People: Make Britain free, fair and green

75. Fairer, Simpler, Greener (reforms to the tax system)

74. Britain’s Global Responsibilities: the International Rule of Law

73. Your Community, Your Choice: Policies for local government in England [Liberal Democrat conference did not pass this policy paper but instead it was referred back. It returned in a new form as policy paper no.79.]

72. Stronger Families, Brighter Futures

71. A Soft Landing: Creating a Sustainable Market in Aviation

70. Rights and Responsibilities at Work: Employment and Trade Unions Policy Paper

69. Affordable Homes in Safer, Greener Communities: Housing Policy Paper

Freedom, Fairness, Trust (pre-manifesto paper for the 2005 general election)

68. Healthy Communities, Healthy People: Health Policy Paper

67. Dignity and Security in Retirement: Pensions Policy Paper

66. Personal Best: Policies on Sports and Fitness

65. Wealth for the World: Policies on International Trade and Investment

64. A World Free from Poverty: Policies on International Development

63. Censorship and Freedom of Expression

62. Fair Foundations: Policies for Early Years

61. Respecting All Animals: Animal Welfare Policy Paper

60. Promoting Independence, Protecting Individuals: Policies for a Caring Society

59. Setting Business Free: Commerce Policy Paper

58. Conserving the Future: Proposals on Energy Policy

57. Prosperity at Home and Abroad: The Report of the Liberal Democrats Macroeconomics Policy Working Group

56. Future of Europe

55. Planning for the 21st Century: Proposals for Planning Policy

54. Making IT Work: Policies for Information Technology

53. Quality, Innovation and Choice: The Report of the Public Services Policy Commission

52. Rural Futures

51. Justice and the Community: Proposals on Crime, Policing and the Criminal Justice System

50. It’s About Freedom: The Report of the Liberal Democracy Working Group

49. The Future of Broadcasting

48. Defending Democracy: Proposals for Defence Policy

47. Honesty, Realism, Responsibility: Proposals for the Reform of Drugs Law

46. Transport for People

45. Local Economies, Local Choice

44. Protecting Civil Liberties

43. An Inclusive Society: A Framework for Tackling Poverty and Social Exclusion

42. Working for Success: Employment and Employability for All

41. A Strategy for Sustainability

40. Reforming Governance in the UK: Policies for Constitutional Reform

39. An Age of Opportunity: Policies for Older People

38. Art Figures

37. Engaging Communities: Proposals for Urban Regeneration in England

36. A Clean Bill of Health: Policies on Paying for NHS and Social Care in England and Wales

35. Global Responses to Global Problems: Global Security, Stability and Sustainability

34. Breaking Down Barriers: Policies on Disability

[Policy Paper no.33 was an urban policy paper which, when debated at Liberal Democrat conference, was referred back. It returned in a new form as policy paper no.37.]

32. Housing Policy into the 21st Century

31. Keeping the Balance: Policies on Genetic Modification

30. Re-inventing Local Government – Competent, Powerful and Free: Policies for the Reform of Local Government in England

29. Making the Environment our Business: Proposals to Improve Business Efficiency and Environmental Performance

28. Rape Law Reform: Policies for Reforming the Law on Rape

27. Our Skies

26. Living in the Greenhouse: Policies to Tackle Climate Change

25. A World of Opportunity: Policies for Developmental Co-operation

24. Water: Policies for Affordable, Available and Clean Water in England and Wales

23. A Home of Your Own: Policies for Housing in England and Wales

22. Conserving Tomorrow: Energy Policy for the Future

21. Investing in Excellence: Policies for Education in England and Wales

20. A Parliament for the People: Proposals to Reform the House of Commons

19. Meeting the European Challenge: Proposals for the 1996 Intergovernmental Conference

18. The Key to Lifelong Learning: Proposals for Tertiary Education in England and Wales

17. Stronger Communities, Safer Citizens: Proposals for Crime and Policing Policy in England and Wales

16. Investment, Partnership, Sustainability: Policies for the British Economy

15. Transporting People, Tackling Pollution: Liberal Democrat Proposals for Improving Transport in Britain

14. Building on the Best of the NHS: Proposals to Reform the National Health Service

13. Access for All: Proposals to Promote Equal Opportunities for Disabled People

12. The Balance of Trade: Proposals for Reforming International Trade

11. A Free and Open Society

10. Equal Citizens: Proposals to Promote the Equal Treatment of Women

9. Working for Change: Promoting Jobs and Employability

8. Agenda for Sustainability: Tools for Creating a Sustainable Economy and Society

7. Opportunity and Independence for All: Proposals to Improve the Tax and Benefits System

6. Shared Security: Security and Defence in an Uncertain World

5. Reclaiming the Countryside: Proposals for Rural Affairs and Agriculture in England and Wales

4. A New Deal for Northern Ireland: Proposals for the Future of Northern Ireland

3. Confronting Prostitution: Liberal Democrat Proposals to Tackle Prostitution in England and Wales

2. Reclaiming the City: Proposals to Improve the Quality of Life in the Urban Areas of England and Wales

1. A Caring Society: Liberal Democrat Proposals to Improve the Organisation of Social Services

Other Lib Dem policy documents

The following items are not technically Liberal Democrat policy papers, but they are papers from the Liberal Democrats about policy – and hence their inclusion here.

Are you drinking what we’re drinking? Water Industry Spokesperson’s Paper (March 2024)

A framework for a regulated market for cannabis in the UK: recommendations from an expert panel (March 2016)

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